Airport Taxi

Use the taxi stand OUTSIDE of the airport and not the operators who approach you within the airport. These operators operate within the building, just before you exit the airport. They have the appearance of being sanctioned by the airport, they approach passengers exiting the building with offers of a taxi service. These services are generally 100% higher than the sanctioned taxi service, which operates outside the airport building (strange paradox).

On leaving the airport, there is typically a queue of people awaiting a taxi. Porters approach you and request your destination. They notate the official fare, which is given to the waiting taxi driver.

Hire a private Driver for Day Tours


By law, taxi drivers must use their meter, but many will try to negotiate a fee instead of running on the meter. Be wary of this, the negotiated rate will be higher than the metered fare by as much as 100% and more. Insist on using the meter, this often works but there are some drivers that are willing to drive away instead of using the meter.

Tuk Tuk

There is a limit on the number of tuk-tuks operating in the within a specific geographic areas. Drivers typically rent their rigs for the equivalent of $15.00US per day plus the expense of gas. With this in mind, some possibilities emerge. Try offering day long rental to take you around for a fixed price of say $30.

Tuk Tuk drivers often try to supplement their income through commissions from local merchants, by supplying customers (read... passengers). They get a commission even if you do not purchase anything and as a result, there are often elaborate schemes to get you, the tourist, into these stores. Many of these schemes happen around visits to the Grand Palace.. some common ones are:

    * Flagging a Tuk Tuk for transport to the Grand Palace... being told by the driver that the Palace is temporarily closed, or it opens to the public later the afternoon because it is a public holiday, or there is a religious event which is open only to locals.
    * Visitors to the Grand Palace... On a arrival at the Grand Palace being approached by a "official tour guide" (and they do look official) who informs you that you cannot enter for the next few hours because of an event or religious ceremony for locals only. So they suggest a tour of the city in the meantime, with a "licensed" operator. Walk away and enter the palace, no matter how convincing they seem.
    Or you are approached by a "licensed guide" who informs you that "a guide" is required to get around the Grand Palace ..."you need a guide". Not true, a guide is not required.
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